macOS 11 (Big Sur) and Epson Support Information using the Apple Silicon chipset

What is Apple Silicon?

Basically, Apple Silicon is an in-house chip similar to what is powering the iPhone and iPad family of devices. In other words: It's a processor.

The Apple-designed processors, marketed for the Macintosh as Apple Silicon, They are designed by Apple Inc., mainly using the ARM architecture.

On June 22, 2020, Apple announced plans to switch its Macintosh computers from Intel processors to ARM-based, Apple-designed processors.

The first of the ARM-based Macs, using the Apple M1 processor, was announced on November 10, 2020.

So why the change?

It offers faster performance and it's more power efficient and should deliver longer battery life.

These Mac chips will not just be renamed iPad or iPhone chipsets. There's a common architecture across all Apple devices, but these are custom systems on chips (e.g. Apple Silicon for the Mac).


Apple has a solution to have all applications working on day one of the rollout. Rosetta 2 is a pre-installed application (acting as an emulator and a translator) that will allow Intel-made apps to run on Silicon-powered devices.

When can you expect to buy a Mac powered by Silicon?

Apple's launching a consumer Silicon PC this year and they're still committed to Intel PCs for a few years to come. This is a developing story and there will be updates as Apple releases more news and information.

Current issues and resolutions

The following are only applicable to Apple products that use Apple's upcoming chipset. Intel based products are not affected by these issues. At the time of publishing (Sept 2020) no Apple chipset products are on the market and are not due until the end of 2020.

Using the installer program (.pkg) for an Epson product will result in the user being asked twice to grant access permissions. Normally the user will only be asked once.

Accept the request the second time. A fix will be released by the end of December 2020

Cannot print via USB connection.

When printing via USB connection using the Epson printer driver a Missing USB class driver message is shown, and printing fails.


To resolve this follow the below:

  • Using Epson Software updater to install the latest printer driver Ver10.85 or later.
  • Run Apple software update and upgrade to macOS 11.1 or later.


Adobe Air SDK crashes when launching

App's that use the Adobe Air SDK crash when launched on Apple Silicon Mac

Affected apps:

  • Epson ColorBase2
  • Epson Calibration Utility
  • Garment Creator
  • Epson Print Layout
  • LFP Remote Panel (A part of features)

Currently the above apps will not run on Apple Silicon macs.


The Adobe AIR SDK developer are aware of this issue and are working to resolve this.

X-Rite i1 Scanner crashes

The app is crashes when it is launching.

Affected products:

  • Perfection V850 scanner


X-Rite has a plan to update app for Apple Silicon Mac. Click here

When attempting to use the uninstaller program, multiple license agreement screens are shown.

A fix will be released by the end of December 2020.

Scanner Driver and USB-Type-C connection issue

Epson Scan 2:

  • USB connection failure
  • USB devices may reset when trying to connect to the Mac.

ICA Driver:

  • USB devices may reset when trying to connect to the Mac.

Affected products:

  • All-In-One Printer and Scanners


  • Use USB Type-A port. (in case of Mac Mini)
  • Use Network connection.
  • Use AirScan (MFP). Scan a document or image in Preview on Mac

    Apple AirScan supported printers | Click Here

    EcoTank ET Series


    ET-16150 / ET-16600 / ET-16650 / ET-16680

    ET-2550 / ET-2650 / ET-2720 / ET-2750 / ET-2760 /ET-2800 / ET-2820 / ET-2850

    ET-3600 / ET-3700 / ET-3710 / ET-3750 / ET-3760 / ET-3800 / ET-3830 / ET-3850

    ET-4500 / ET-4550 / ET-4700 / ET-4750 / ET-4760 / ET-4800 / ET-4850

    ET-5150 / ET-5170 / ET-5800 / ET-5850 / ET-5880

    ET-7700 / ET-7750

    ET-8500 / ET-8550 / ET-8700

    EcoTank ET-M Series

    ET-M16600 / ET-M16680

    ET-M2120 / ET-M2170

    ET-M3170 / ET-M3180

    EcoTank L Series

    L11160 / L14150 / L14150

    L15150 / L15160 / L15180

    L3070 / L3160 / L3260

    L4160 / L4260

    L455 / L456 / L475 / L485 / L486 / L495

    L5190 / L5290

    L565 / L566 / L575

    L605 / L655

    L6160 / L6170 / L6190 / L6260 / L6270 / L6290 / L6460 / L6490 / L6550 / L6570 / L6580

    L7160 / L7180

    L8160 / L8180

    EcoTank M Series

    M15140 / M15180

    M2110 / M2120 / M2170

    M3170 / M3180

    Expression Home Series

    XP-3100 /XP-322 / XP-325 / XP-332 / XP-335 / XP-342 / XP-345 / XP-352 / XP-355

    XP-4100 / XP-422 / XP-425 / XP-432 / XP-435 / XP-442 / XP-445 / XP-452 / XP-455

    Expression Premium Series

    XP-5100 / XP-520 / XP-530 / XP-540

    XP-6000 / XP-6100 / XP-620 / XP-630 / XP-640

    XP-7100 / XP-720

    XP-820 / XP-830


    Expression Photo Series


    XP-8500 / XP-860 / XP-8600

    XP-960 / XP-970

    WorkForce WF Series

    WF-2630 / WF-2650 / WF-2660 / WF-2750 / WF-2760 / WF-2810 / WF-2830 / WF-2850 / WF-2860

    WF-3720 / WF-3730 / WF-3820

    WF-4720 / WF-4730 / WF-4740 / WF-4820 / WF-4830

    WF-6530 / WF-6590

    WF-7710 / WF-7720 / WF-7820 / WF-7830 / WF-7840

    WorkForce WF-C Series

    WF-C5710 / WF-C5790 / WF-C579R

    WF-C8610 / WF-C8690 / WF-C869R / WF-C878R / WF-C879R

    WorkForce WF-M Series WF-M5799